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Merlin and Wart: A New Play: Stackhouse

The year is 1987, and Merlin, a man who says he has the power to create magic spells and age backwards is trapped in Byberry Mental Hospital on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He is not alone, however, as his young protege, Wart, is there to challenge his every philosophy and very way of life. This two-person play examines what social constructs make a person worthy of asylum and whether or not these same characteristics make for a successful member of and social group. As time is the essence of

Press Release: Philadelphia Chosen for Premiere of Trading Places: The Musical

The classic 1983 movie, Trading Places, starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykyroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis is getting a makeover, and Philadelphia has been chosen as the city for its 2016 premiere. The film brought issues of social conciousness to a wide audience and through the lens of comedy.

This prince and the pauper inspired tale concerns itself with Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) a homeless urchin from the streets of Philadelphia, whom, by horrible circumstance, is arrested after bumping into W

Press Release: Ritz Theatre Co. to Stage AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, Begin. 9/12

It is Six O'clock in the evening. A crisp autumnal breeze rolls down White Horse Pike as seventy young performers spend their last days of summer vacation putting on a show to capture all their abilities. Just one block down the street, Ritz veteran, Esther Flaster has the daunting task of bringing the "black, damned and anonymous" world of Tracy Letts' August: Osage County to the stage by September 12th.

Under Esther's vision, thirteen talented individuals work together to turn a large-scale,